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What if you could watch over the shoulder as an online business is built from scratch?

I see you...trying to build your online business in 2020 along side thousands of other entrepreneurs that understand the importance of learning online marketing - but there's a huge problem.

The problem is...

The tech issues are enough to make anyone feel defeated before they start

The fear of blowing money on advertising with no sense of what worked

Business owners sign up for every free "masterclass" they can find just hoping that what they learn will be the answer

Buying software tools just because they see other's using it without understanding how it is used or even if it is the best for their business

And worst of all, is they get overwhelmed with all of it and decide to outsource the critical components of online business before they can implement it themselves!

Online business owners should feel empowered in their business, not I right?

There is a better way and I want to share the process with you.


The Curious Hero Journey

Learn the steps to start the business, create the product, sell it with ads, and all the tech setup along the way.

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Watch over the shoulder as I build an online business from scratch...starting with:

No email list

No engaged social media, podcast or YouTube audience

No product or service...just an idea

I will share all the software tools used including why I choose them and without the agenda of getting an affiliate commission?

Watch me create new Facebook ads and test offers then explain the results and ways to improve what worked and how to know when to pivot?

There is a lot to do when starting an online business and it can be overwhelming just to start.

You will get to see behind the scenes of a new online business as it is created including what works and what doesn't. For most the technology is overwhelming and for others it may be building effective ads, we will cover it all.

During The Curious Hero Journey I will share with you what we are trying and the reasoning behind our decisions. This includes decisions such as why we choose a specific software tool or why we ran specific ads.

This is your chance to follow along and see what is working so you can take those ideas into your business already knowing they work.

Over the years I've primarily worked behind the curtain, in fact some have called me the Wizard of Oz in online marketing. Building the businesses have been fun and financially rewarding yet I was wanting to share more with other aspiring online entrepreneurs.

Recently I've started to share my expertise with other business owners and they have seen incredible results. Don't just take my word, hear how I've helped others build their online business.

Learn from someone who has done it, got results, and is doing it again while sharing the process.

I should mention that I'm not new to online business and do have some things in my favor:

10+ years experience selling millions of dollars in products and services online for my own brands and others as an affiliate or consultant

Tech doesn't scare me! I've built hundreds of websites on different platforms, scaled and migrated email lists across dozens of email platforms, and if there is a marketing software designed to grow sales I've probably used it.

Having the skills and experience to run ads profitably is the single most important factor in building any new online business for myself and my clients over the years.

Here's What We Will Cover:

These are just some of the topics we will share during the process. The list will grow and evolve just like any online business does.

Business administration:

What is the best business entity type, what bank accounts are good for online entrepreneurs, how to setup a mailbox service, telephone options, custom email address, logo and more!

Marketing software and tools:

Domain names, website hosting, email service provider, video hosting, personalization tools, and more.

Product/Service to be sold:

How to choose a product, offer creation, product delivery software (digital course, membership, physical products)

Generate traffic with advertising:

Facebook ads setup and optimization, YouTube and Google ads, SEO best practices, social media, podcasting and more

Systems and automation:

Integrations with tools, automate key business tasks, personalize the customer journey, streamline for scaling

Data and progress tracking:

Measure results from ads to improve, what key performance indicators are worth focusing on, tracking progress

Hardware used in online business:

Digital cameras, lighting, audio setup, podcast equipment, computer, accessories, live streaming setup, and so much more

What's included:

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Members Only access to online learning platform with exclusive content including training videos and downloads related to topics covered.

[This training alone is worth $570]

Weekly email updates with the latest progress in building the company Curious Hero including a breakdown of decisions made, what worked and what didn't in marketing, plus notifications of related videos added to the learning platform.

Ask Tom - Members Only access to submit your questions about online business, tech issues or strategy and get Tom's insight on what he would do or what resources he would use to solve the problem. Your question may be highlighted on the podcast or live video Q&A conferences.

[Personalized guidance and support is valued at $790]

Exclusive discounts to online courses, memberships, and events offered by Tom Polifka and Curious Hero

[When you're ready to take your business to the next level these discounts will save you hundreds of dollars.]

State of Online Business Address - Stay up to date on current trends in digital marketing and how they might impact your business, such as changes to ad platforms or new features from email service providers.


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*Upgrade* for Community + Live Calls:

Get support, feedback, and potentially life-long friendships with other entrepreneurs just like you in our exclusive Facebook group. Tom will be live in the group often fielding questions about tech issues, ads optimization, and offering strategic advice.

Monthly live video calls on zoom with Tom to further dissect the previous month's growth, challenges, and answer questions. Only members who upgrade to Community + Live will receive invitation to these calls.

Opportunity to be a guest on The Curious Hero Podcast and share your story to our audience to expand your impact.


How do I login to the learning platform?

Once you complete your purchase you will receive an email with login instructions and credentials. Expect the email within 5 minutes of your purchase. If you have any issues email [email protected].

How long will I have access to the learning platform?

The Journey is one year access to all learning materials. As long as your membership is active you will maintain access to the learning platform.

Does this include HOW TO training?

The purpose of The Journey is designed to show you what is possible, what works and what doesn't work when it comes to building an online business. This may include video training and downloadable guides but it should NOT be expected to receive specific training in areas like Facebook ads, email automation, or website design.

If you are looking for in-depth training on a specific topic then I would look at other courses that Tom Polifka offers. The Journey is not designed to take the place of in-depth training.

Do I get 1-on-1 time with Tom?

This is not a 1-on-1 coaching program but Tom is highly active and engaged in making sure everyone's questions get addressed. If you are looking for more support it is recommended to add the Community + Live calls upgrade which includes access in a group setting on live calls and in the Facebook group.

What results can I expect from The Journey?

This training does not guarantee any financial results. It is possible to take the information from The Journey and apply it in your business and see progress. Most of it relates to how much experience you have in business and the effort put into the process.

Do you offer a refund if I'm not satisfied?

Yes, we offer a 30 day 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with your purchase. It is our intent to offer more value than you ever could have imagined receiving for the price but within 30 days if you don't feel we have met your expectations then just email [email protected].

How much is the Upgrade of Community + Live Calls?

Currently you can add the Community + Live Calls for only $37 per year. I want this to be accessible to anyone getting started in online business but the price will likely increase. At this price it is a no brainer to get the support and live group coaching access to Tom.

How much time will I need to commit to this program?

I would plan for spending 1 hour each week reviewing the videos and written resources to stay current on the project. This will allow you to get some key insights that can be applied to your business over time. As the library of information grows you will continue to have access for when you want to reference back to a topic.

Is this an employment opportunity?

No, this is a training to help business owners learn the best practices in building an online business. There is no employment or income that can be received from this program.

I understand the risk of investing in a digital course from someone new which is why I'm removing that risk for you.

While I can't guarantee any results from the material shared I can offer a 30-day money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with The Curious Hero Journey I will refund your money within 30 days of your purchase.

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Behind the scenes access to building an online business from scratch.


The Journey as an online entrepreneur can be lonely which is why having a like minded community for support is critical.

  • Monthly live video calls with Tom
  • Exclusive Facebook group
  • Opportunity to be a guest on The Curious Hero Podcast.

This offer is $37 which includes 12 months of community and live calls. After 12 months, access will renew at $37.

Purchasing this at a later date means you run the risk of an increased price. Our members often say the community is what they love the most because The Journey is better together. ADD TO YOUR ORDER -->


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